Oriental Adventures Shaman

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Re: Oriental Adventures Shaman

Post by od » Thu Nov 29, 2007 2:26 am

I've been using the errata V...my complaints include that. The extra unarmed is not good when your AC and HP make front line fighting so difficult.

As for Bit...

Not alot, AC would still be less than a normal cleric (heavy armor can give up to +8, wisdom above +4 wouldn't happen much).

Save progression would be slightly different, since Clerics have 2 good categories and shamans only have 1. But charisma to Saves would make up for that.

Shaman get an odd spirit sight ability at 3rd level...but it's not a very powerful ability.

V's suggestions would be a better place to start, since small changes are better than large changes.

All that said...I'd say the best place to start would just be with cleric spells and go from there if you'd like to experiment in Maha.

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