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Characters looking for a game to be in

Post by Raunchel » Fri May 22, 2015 1:51 pm

Over time I have amassed a small group of characters. Most of them their background, the rules side of things never was as important as the story behind them to me. Of course, nothing is set in stone and alterations could always be made to fit them better into games or worlds.

The first of these is Yildiz vel Enas, a little girl who was turned into a vampire and who tries to get by in the world. For a system I think that 3.5 or pathfinder would be the most suitable, with some way to mitigate the massive level adjustment of the vampire template. And the only creatures she would summon would be cats of course. She isn’t a bad person, although good would also be overstating it. She could fit into a variety of games. On her own she would try to survive, and that same desire to survive could also bring her into a group.
“So, you want to know who I am? Good, I let me tell you, I feel like talking anyways. I am Yildiz vel Enas, and this over here is Kedi, isn’t she sweet? She’s my cat. But I think that you don’t want to know more about her, you look like it anyways. My mother was Gilzen vel Enas, and my father was called Mustal. They were important people, very important really, they ruled the lands between the Firl river and the mountains of Thiol. They were very nice people, or that is what I was told. But one day a terrible storm started and we all fell ill. My servants cared for me, but it didn’t help, I died. Don’t look so sad, I’m still here, so that wasn’t very bad. My parents also died, but after a while we all got up again. People were really terrified, but my parents made them listen again, especially after a few heads hat been removed from those who disagreed.

It took a few days before we found out what had happened, apparently some priest wanted to take over our lands, and killed us. He also made sure that we would get up again, so it wasn’t very bad. But he had a kind of power over the dead, and we couldn’t disobey him. And people couldn’t disobey my father, he was very good with his sword you know? I could still play, although everyone kept their distance from me, I might have hurt my friends a little, but that isn’t bad. But I heard them whisper, they said that I was some sort of monster, and the priest hadn’t said anything about not hurting them, so I went into their house in the middle of the night and cut out their tongues. That should have stopped the talking, but it didn’t, people started wondering about what had happened, and I still had no one to play with.

I was also getting annoyed, everyone was becoming an adult, and I remained a child. Of course, I celebrated my birthday, but that wasn’t very nice, especially because I can’t eat cake. Nevertheless, I did get Kedi. I celebrated eleven of them before strange warriors arrived. They came through the walls by magic, and fought their way towards us. The priest sent my father to fight them, but he was cut down. Do you believe that I felt really sad then? Anyways, one of them had sneaked up towards us, and cut the priest’s throat. It was strange, like some sort of weight was lifted. A priest in armor crushed my mother’s skull, they are really unpleasant people, these priests. They say that they are doing good, but all they really do is hurt people.

The knight who had killed my father pointed his sword at me. I was really afraid, I looked into his eyes and he lowered his sword. They took me with them, telling me how lucky I was to have survived, they said that all undead were evil, but didn’t realize that I was one of them. That night I killed them, I couldn’t let them live, that would be too dangerous. So, having done that I was all alone in the world. I couldn’t go back home, and didn’t know where to go, but at least I had Kedi. I started travelling, trying to make my way in the world.”
The second is Hannah Moritz or Nightshade. She is a telepath in the modern world. I’m not entirely sure about a system to portray her in, but I think that some sort of superhero thing would be the best fit. She would probably be a bit of a villain, she isn’t entirely sane.
A little black-haired girl sits in the back of a car, she’s no older than six and is rather skinny. She wears jeans and a blue T-shirt with Elmo on it. But there is something wrong with her, she looks as though she hasn’t slept for days, and she is crying. But that isn’t everything, she is shivering in the arms of a man that obviously is her father. He is heavy-set, and looks like his daughter, also showing a lack of sleep. In front of them the family’s mother is driving.

The man whispers to the child: “Hannah, I want you to know that we love you, just as much as we love your brothers.”

She seems to grasp that something is going to happen, something that she won’t like: “Why did they say goodbye? Where are we going?”

“A safe place, where they can help you. You are ill, Hannah, and we are bringing you to doctors who can help you”

More tears flow over the girl’s cheeks: “But, I want to stay with you, and mommy, and David, and Jacob. I don’t want to go to the doctors, they’re mean.”

“There is no other way, you need help. As soon as you’re better you will come back home, I promise.”

“Please, please, turn around, I don’t want to go. There’s nothing wrong with me!”

“There is, you know that, you said so yourself just before you left. You told me about school again, that you couldn’t bear it anymore, all the voices shouting in your head, all the images, while the classroom was quiet. You need help, and only these good doctors can be of any help to you now.”

“Can’t I just stay at home? I won’t shout, I won’t hurt anyone. Really. Just let me stay, please?”, she sounds desperate while the car stops on a boat.

Her mother turns around: “Hannah, just listen to us ok? We do this for you, so please, don’t make it any harder for us. We love you, you’re my little flower, but you need help, help that you can only get at St. Dymphna’s. We’re not saying that you are bad, you’re just ill, ill in your head.”
"Yes, Nightshade, that's me. I decided to use that name, and not the one that I was given as a child by parents who never loved me. Oh yes they said that they did, but who would send their child to this place? Calling her crazy and dangerous. I never wanted to be here, doctor, with all your medications, your talking and your devices.", the girl in the straight jacket whispers.

"But Hannah, "

"No! Don't call me that, that's not who I am, that is the name of the girl that never was. I am Nightshade!", the girl shouts in agitation. Her eyes become wider, this is important to her.

"Very well, Nightshade, but we try to help you here, to let you return to society.”, the woman behind the desk says. She sounds friendly, and makes for a complete contrast with the girl. The girl sits and is held firmly by bindings and a tall nurse. She is thin, hollow-eyed and agitated. She has wild black hair and except for the jacket she wears a simple nightshirt. The woman is plumb and has greying hair. She seems calm and collected, making notes of their conversation. “It is for your own good. Why did you choose Nightshade?”

Now the girl smiles: “Because I like the flowers, and what they say about them fits with how people see me. A name should fit to the common perception of the person. And it sounds dangerous, while nice. All of the parts are deadly, even the pretty ones. The berries look sweet and tasty, but if you try them, you die. And you don’t just die, no, you first become disconnected, seeing that which isn’t there, just like they say I do.”

The doctor makes more notes while the girl speaks. “And what do you see then, Ha, ehm, Nightshade?”

“I, ehm, I see things that are real, they are, but mostly I hear them. Yes, I hear that which isn’t in the same place. I know the truth, and they, they want to keep it hidden. It remains so unclear, I feel like I can almost reach it, but then it slips away again.”, a tear falls from her eye, and the girl sniffs.

“And who are they?”

“They, they are everyone, my parents, the nurses, the doctors, the government, the teachers. Everyone.”

“And why do they want to keep it hidden?”

“Because I could know everything, all their little secrets, all their desires and plans. And their fears. They are afraid of me, and that’s why they put me here.”, she raises her voice, as she becomes more agitated, she tries to lean towards the doctor, but the restraints keeps her in her place.

“And how do they stop you then?”

“By their medications, which, which you tell them to give me. You are one of them! You! You! You!”, the girl starts to struggle, shouting.

“This is useless, Betty, please give her 500 µl of her usual mixture.”, the woman sighs.

“No! no! Don’t do this to me! Don’t think that I cannot see it! I see it all!”, the restraints bite into her flesh, and the heavy chair starts to shake. “Let me go!”

The nurse places a syringe at the girl’s arm, injecting her with a clear substance. The girl remains struggling, but her movements become less and less violent. She tries to talk, but she can’t manage it, the words don’t make any sense anymore, and soon she falls into a deep sleep.
”Seventeen thousand four hundred and ninety-six”, whispers Hannah Moritz, who hates it when people use that name. She sits in a room. At least, officially it is a room, the actual characteristics of it have more in common with a cell. There are no windows, and the only light comes from a single bulb on the high ceiling. There is no furniture or decoration, only the thick white padding on the walls and floors. This is not where she normally stays, but for some reason she was moved here several weeks ago. She suspects that it is caused by the failure of her latest scheme to gain more freedom, the girl threatened to hit her head repeatedly, and would then accuse the staff. Unfortunately they simply threw her into this room. In retrospect it might not have been the best idea she ever had. At least she is alone, but she hears things, flards of voices and other sounds. She shouts at the top of her lungs: "Shut up!" but nothing happens.

“Seventeen thousand four hundred and ninety-seven.” They tell her that those sounds aren't there, that there is something wrong with her, that she is ill. But all that is a lie. A huge, terrible lie because they hate her. There must be more to what she hears, and they try to hide it. Yes, that must be it. From the ceiling she hears a voice: "Hannah, go to the corner."

The first time she was in such a room, years and years ago, the girl decided to resist. They had put her there because a boy had taken a toy, she doesn't remember what it was anymore, but she does know that she had almost succeeded in clawing out his eyes. Anyways, she just stayed in her place, sitting in front of the door. They told her repeatedly that she had to move, but she kept refusing. Eventually they gave up and Nightshade had won. But when she was asleep they seized her and put her in a straitjacket. She learned her lesson. She has to be nice, otherwise they will never let her out again. So she stands up and does what she is told. She stops her counting, she doesn't know what she was counting, but the endless succession of numbers helps her pass the time. She however has to remember where she was, last night she fell asleep and this morning she had to start over again.

Two nurses lead their patient to a bathroom, there are no sanitary facilities in the padded room. This is her first visit of the day, and afterwards she is given a short shower. The water is cold, and Nightshade drinks from the stream as it washes over her face, she is thirsty. After the shower she is fed, her arms tied behind a chair. They are careful while doing it, the girl has tried to bite people before. She never eats much, but today she eats even less as she starts to feel unwell.

She is brought back to her room, and the shouts in her head become louder and louder. They become clearer as well, far clearer than they normally are. But there are so many, it is hard to separate them. When she is alone again she has lost her count, but she keeps hearing voices. The walls don’t stop them. She shouts: “Shut up!”, but nothing happens.

She closes her eyes, and after a while starts to recognize some of the voices. They become clearer to her. There aren’t only voices now, she also sees, as though what a dozen people see overlap in front of her eyes. She starts to feel sick. She opens her eyes, but it doesn’t help, the images don’t go away. She no longer just hears voices, she hears other sounds as well, and she starts to taste things, to feel things, even in her empty hands.

She tries to force it all to stop, but nothing helps. She focuses. She takes one vision and watches it intently, with her eyes closed. It helps, it makes the others go to the background. And there are sounds belonging to it, feelings, sensations. She forces the vision to look down. It is a struggle, as though it doesn’t want to, but in the end it moves like she wants to. Beneath her she sees the body of an orderly. She feels her body as though it is her own. Someone says: “Hey, Anne, what are you looking at?”

The struggle returns, but she is stronger now, and turns the head to the side where the voice came from. She tries to speak, but it comes out garbled, the resistance is too strong. “Mwoithing”

“Are you all right?”, the voice asks.

Anne wants to call for help, but she is suppressed. She feels what is in the hands, a bottle and she leaps at the other orderly, striking her head with the hard glass. At the last moment Anne notices what she is about to do, and wrestles for control again, but it’s too late and the bottle connects with a sickening sound.

Nightshade opens her eyes again, all the images are still there but she has lost control. She can however hear screaming through her mind, and sees what she has done. She starts to giggle.

Serdynage Hastur-Vartul is a merchant princess who was born blind. She incidentally also is a vampire with the little flaw of being incapable of noticing sunlight until it starts to burn her. She usually is surrounded by a few select servants, each of whom she has personally selected. They do jobs like reading her letters and caring for her. In a game I think that she could be made using 3.5/pf rules, with some way to get a few servants, such as leadership. In a game she would be someone moving behind the scenes, increasing her wealth and her connections. She isn’t someone who has done a lot of fighting of course.
Serdynage Hastur-Vartul, or Serdy to those few who might consider themselves to be her friends, is quite peculiar for one of the merchant princes of Bardocas. She was born as the second child of Bryseis Hastur and Fronol Vartul, whose marriage brought the two great families together. As a child she was considered to be stupid, she failed at even the simplest tasks such as smiling when someone made funny faces or reaching for things held above her. For some reason she did manage to learn to talk, which confused them even further. Finally one of the tutors hired for the children proposed a theory that could easily have seen him lose his job, that maybe the child couldn’t see.

Luckily for Serdynage he was proven to be correct and her lessons changed. She was given servants to read for her and she started to rapidly absorb knowledge. She grew up to be a learned young woman, and intended to keep away from public life, but things didn’t go as planned. Her brother Thonal was lost at sea and Serdy was forced into the public eye, especially once her parents died within a year of each other. Initially she was considered to be weak and an easy prey for her rivals. But she refuted any of these ideas by her hard work and deep understanding of her holdings. She employed several people to go through her books for her, independently of each other to prevent being cheated.

She had dozens of young girls brought to her from the poorhouse and interviewed each of them, selecting four of the most intelligent who also had other qualities that she required. She had them provided with a good education to become her most trusted servants. These girls were the only ones who were allowed to read her correspondence and knew most of the lady Hastur-Vartul’s secrets.

One night she met a most peculiar woman named Livilla and the two talked for hours. When Serdynage finally went to bed she was awakened by the strange woman’s touch. It was the last night that she spent alive. They had nightly meetings for months, and Serdy truly enjoyed the time together, but eventually things started to change. Livilla’s demands grew greater, she wanted to control Serdynage and her considerable wealth for her own ends. Of course the lady wouldn’t stand for this and she arranged for the vampire to be destroyed. She keeps her ashes in a jar next to her bed, as a token of her victory.

When she wanted to turn the first of her girls she came under attack by Livilla’s sire, whose name she never found out. Grandfather, as she called him. She managed to turn his grief to her own ends by offering herself as a replacement daughter and learned much from him, but as always, the day came that she had learned almost everything he would teach and both knew that a confrontation would be inevitable. Serdy invited him again and everything seemed to be perfectly ordinary, but she had a trap prepared. A part of her heritage was the Hankypank, a spirit of fire and she unleashed it on him in the wood-covered meeting room, slipping away as he burned to his eternal death.

Now she was alone and Serdynage focused on her holdings again. Over the decades she gradually expanded and made her girls into vampires as well, granting them eternal life alongside herself. She started to learn more of the innate abilities of her kind and slowly started to master the dark arts of necromancy. Eventually her unchanging nature went beyond even that which was expected of the magically extended lives of those of her social class. Rumours started, and she started to fear for her position if her state became known. But she couldn’t withdraw from the world, her enormous trade networks made that impossible. Instead she kept working while spreading rumours about one of her captains having discovered the essence of immortality.

Nahrissah is a yuan-ti pureblood who broke with her kind. Below I have some things that I had written for her, but nothing of it is set in stone. The basic idea is that she is a roguish person who specialized in the use of poisons. She is basically looking for a place in life.
”Ah yess, welcome”, Servia Tullia heard a soft voice, but she couldn’t see a thing. She knew the voice from somewhere, but couldn’t place it. There was something over her eyes. She tried to recall what had happened. She had been at the tavern, where she had spoken to someone, after that she recalled nothing. And now she was here. She had been placed on a bed or a sofa, but she couldn’t make out what it was. Both her hands and her feet were bound, but at least she could breathe. The voice continued: “I am ssorry for receiving you like thiss, but unfortunately there wass no other way, you might not have agreed to come otherwise.”

”Who are you, and why am I here?”

”Jusst an admirer, my name iss Narissah, I brought you here to sspeak, yess, to sspeak to you. I heard about you and when my eyes found you they couldn’t turn away. We sspoke briefly, and I felt something, but I couldn’t tell you my ssecretss in public.”

Someone pulled the blindfold from Servia’s face, at first she was blinded by the light. She closed them until the pain went away, slowly opening them again. She saw a figure sitting opposite to her, on another bed. Some moments later she could really see her captor. She recognized her, she had spoken to her in the tavern, the woman had called herself Livilla, but she seemed different now. Her skin seemed to be greenish, her nose was almost completely absent and her eyes were very strange, they were bright blue spheres. Otherwise she looked the same, with her long, thin fingers, her smooth black hair and her narrow face, she was beautiful. Servia said: ”You?”

”Yess, I am ssorry for lying to you, but there are reasonss for that. I am not a human like you, I am one of what you call the ssnake folk”

The snakefolk! Now everything made sense to Servia, she had liked the strange woman, but she had abused her feelings to lure her here, who knew what such a monster could do to her. She said: ”You monster! You might have captured me somehow but I will never serve you!”

”Don’t worry, I don’t intend to harm you or to force you to do anything. I jusst want to talk, and to convince you that I’m not ass evil ass you might think. Ass you might have heard the city of Ghrissh was ssacked, my kind died there, only I managed to sslither away to ssafety. I have been travelling in disguise. I am not here to ssubvert thiss nice city called Haven, only to build a new life. I would have stayed alone, hiding, but then I ssaw you and I had to talk to you.”

”If you don’t want to subvert Haven, what do you want then? It can’t only be survival, we all want something and you seem too well-off to not be planning anything.”

Narissah’s tongue flicked over her lips while she brought her face closer to Servia’s. She said: ”At firsst I wanted to merely gain the wealth for a good life, but now there iss ssomething more that I want. I am lonely, all I do all day is lying and deceiving. You think that that iss my nature, but there iss more to me than that, I am no monsster, I am a persson.”

Servia looked into Narissah’s eyes, she seemed kind, and not at all as horrible as her people were often made out to be, but then again, the stories all told about their deceptive nature. The snakefolk were hatched to lie, everyone knew that. ”But how can I possibly trust you? Everyone knows that you are deceitful creatures, just look at what you did to me?”

For a moment it looked like there was something like surprise on Narissah’s face. ”But, I am a good Narissah, really. Thiss iss not how I would have done thingss, but what could I do. If I had told you in the tavern everyone would have known and my life would have ended. I thought that we were friendss, but I had to tell you. If I had told you without ssuch ssecurity you would sstill have been angry, only then your ssword might have found itss way into my heart. I do not want a ssword there, it hurtss and I want to, how do humanss call it, give it to you. Not physically, that would not be very nice, but more in a figurative way. Yess, that iss what I wanted to ssay. I tried not to hurt you, I put jusst the right amount into your drink, and ass you notice, the effectss are gone now. The bondss sshouldn’t hurt much, they’re not very tight.”

”What did you say!?”, Servia was silent, her mouth wide open in surprise.

”I ssaid that I wanted to give you my heart, did I ssay it wrong? This sscaleless sspeak iss sstrange to me.”

”But you could just have told me, I wouldn’t have done anything to you.”

”I wass afraid, humanss judge eassily, I have sseen that. Mosst of you are sso very afraid. It iss good that you are different.”

”But do you think that you can trust me now? Release me, please.”

Narissah stood up and stepped towards Servia, drawing a finely decorated sword. Servia swallowed while the snake-woman licked her thin lips again. In mere moments her bonds were cut. Servia stretched, it was good to move freely again. ”I trusst you, Sservia. But do you trusst Narissah?”

Their gazes met, and seemingly absorbed each other. ”I trust you, Narishah”, Servia’s face became red before she continued: ”I think that I might have mispronounced your name.”
Narissah awoke, it was warm, much warmer than usual when she woke up. She felt like she had much more energy than normal. She licked her lips, this would be a good day. Then she noticed that there was something next to her, something warm and fleshy. She turned her head to look and she remembered, last night had been very interesting, but unfortunately the poison had made Servia rather tired, and while talking she had suddenly fallen asleep. Narissah had been nice, she had put a blanket over her, but when she got cold and tired she had curled up next to her friend, she was so nice and warm.

The human turned, mumbling something. Narissah couldn’t make any sense of it and leans over her prone form, she whispered: ”What did you ssay?”

Servia still has her eyes closed and mumbled: ”O please, dear gods, is this a dream?”

”I don’t think it iss, my dreamss tend to be different from thiss, sso I think that thiss iss real.”

Servia bolted upright, smashing her forehead into Narissah’s, who fell backwards into unconsciousness.

When she awoke again her forehead really hurt, every beat of her heart sent another burst of pain through her head. Someone touched her, it was oddly comforting. Someone, Servia! Said: ”I am so sorry, I am so very sorry for hurting you like that.”

”Yess, you hurt Narissah, but why? What did I do wrong?”

”You are awake! I didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s just that I thought that it was a dream and when I heard you I was surprised, and then I accidentally hit you, I am so sorry, does it still hurt?”

”Yess, it doess, very much really. But it iss getting better now.”

”Your head will probably stay bruised for a while, but you recover quickly. At least, that is what the healer I hired told me.”

You hired ssomeone? But what if thiss persson would tell otherss? The humanss would come for me, and kill me, and maybe you ass well, they are sso very dangerouss.”

”Don’t worry about that, miss Galbia is a friend of mine, I explained the situation to her and she understood perfectly.”

”Are you ssure? It sseemss sstrange to trusst ssomeone like that.”

”I know that there are many prejudices about your species, but I told Galbia that you are a good snakefolk, a refugee from their evil.”

”That iss the truth, I am a refugee, I fled from Grissh.”

”And, ehm, Narissah, I also wanted to ask you a few questions about where you are from. I heard so many things about it, and I wonder if they are true.”

”You may assk, you have my heart and I will never lie to you.”

”Someone once told me that your race was created by great evil magicians who were turned into snakes as punishment for their evil, only to rebel with their magic.”

”Actually, we are the offsspring of the Great Sserpent, and humanss. Thesse firsstborn built the city around the Temple of the Great Sserpent. We were a great people, all the otherss feared uss when we came to take them to sserve uss, and ass ssacrifice for the Great Sserpent, he took many to ssate hiss hunger, only ssome of the ssacrificess remained for uss, hiss Yuan-Ti. And those went to the priesstss, not to lowly sslithererss like Narissah.”

”Really? That is a lot different from what they told us, but who is, or was, this Great Serpent?”

”He wass our living god, he made uss to be hiss sservantss, using lowly human vesselss. All he wanted in return was ssacrifice, and we gave that to him, lotss and lotss of sacrifice for him to feasst on. We fought warss, overturned civilissationss jusst to ssate hiss eternal hunger, and our own of coursse, there iss no greater pleassure than to ssee your enemiess squirm and beg and cry. Don’t you agree? But these timess have ended, the humanss and their friendss came sseveral timess to desstroy uss, but we drove them away and gave their heartss to the Great Sserpent. But the lasst time wass different, they had brought a great army, there were thousandss and thousandss of them, and they had great magic, but not only that, they brought everything. But worsst of all wass a group of warriorss who broke into the temple, they killed the Great Sserpent. When we heard that we knew that we were losst, and tried to flee. Those around me died, killed by the invaderss. I haven’t sseen one of uss ever ssince, Narissah is the lasst Yuan-Ti.”
Narissah had disguised herself as an old woman, a slave. No one paid her any attention. It was so very easy to move through this city like that. It was easy to find what she was looking for. The healer advertised her services throughout the district and a few questions had given her the location of her house. There was a woman sitting behind an open window, looking out of it. Narissah approached her and said, hiding her accent: ”Excuse me, madam, are you Galbia, the healer?”

She looked at Narissah, some disgust in her eyes. ”Yes, who sent you to get me?”

”My master sent me, but not to summon you. He holds me in favour and since I am ill he wants me cared for. He gave me something to serve as payment.”

Galbia sighed and stood up. ”Then enter, slave.”

Narissah entered and looked around while Galbia closed the curtains. She could smell incense of some kind. The room was reasonably cool, she disliked it, she preferred real warmth. Of course the scaleless ones maintained their own temperature and actually fled from warmth, but still. The walls were covered with jars filled with all sorts of things, some were liquids, some were powders and some contained larger objects. When all the curtains were closed she turned to face the healer who said: ”Before I look at you I want to be paid.”

Of course you want to be paid firsst, sso, here it iss.”, Narissah stepping closer to the woman. She took a small bundle from her rough dress and held it up to Galbia, who leaned over it. Then she moved as fast as she could, drawing a dagger from the bundle and stabbing Galbia in the chest. She fell forwards and Narissah caught her, dropping her gently to the ground. Then she pulled the weapon from the wound, blood flowed out now, onto the rug at her feet. Narissah cleaned the weapon with the cloth which she had used to disguise the weapon and looked at herself while Galbia let out a final breath. There was little blood on the brown dress, but it would still be visible if someone looked closer. She would have to be careful then, and the dress had to be dumped somewhere.

But first there were other things to do, there were ways to find information, and Narissah didn’t want that to happen. She looked at the jars again and smelled them, until she found what she looked for. Oil. She spread it over the body and places a candle in the oil. It wouldn’t burn for much longer, and when it was burned through the oil would burn. She estimated that it would take a few minutes, long enough to disappear.
It was evening. Servia Tullia was sipping wine from a crystal glass, sitting at the edge of one of her favourite fountains in the garden. She herself had commissioned the sculpturs surrounding the flow of pure water. They depicted the three heavenly muses. It had been expensive but they were easily worth the cost. It was relatively cool by the fountain, but she could still feel the oppressive summer heat and could only imagine what it would be like in the city below. Like all the wealthy families hers owned a villa surrounded by gardens on one of the hills of the city. Before she could reflect further she heard something, a soft cough, as if someone was seeking her attention. Slowly she turned around.

There was someone, who it was, was hard to make out at first, but when she looked closer she recognized Narissah. She was dressed in a fine red dress, but somehow had managed to enter the gardens without being seen, there was only one gate which was under permanent guard, and the walls were high and smooth, they couldn’t be climbed. But despite all that, she had come.

Narissah said: ”You look ssurprissed, what iss wrong?”

Servia stood up, dropping her glass. She ran towards Narissah, grabbing her with both hands: ”I am so happy to finally see you again, it has been far too long and so much seems to be going wrong now!”

Narissah answered with a kiss before she said: ”Jusst tell me what troubless you, your problemss are my problemss.”

”First of all my mother is dying, which would cause my older sister to inherit everything, and she hates me and how I live. This morning I was told that Rilia, the leading lady in my most recent work has eloped with some sea-scum, and the first show will be in two days. It will be a disaster. Then there was a fire in the city, and Galbia, an old acquaintance of mine who also looked after you died in it. Luckily the fire could be stopped before it became too large, but still a dozen people died.”

”O, poor Sservia, if you let me I could maybe help? I have many sskillss, and when it iss necessary I can maybe be your lead?”

”But what could you do? My sister will put an end to all of this anyways, and she will do it soon.”

”But what if sshe ssudenly fell ill? What if sshe would not wake up one morning? It could be done, even without leaving a trace. I know a thoussand ssubsstancess that kill, and ssome are very, very effective. And I can play, I have sseen your work and it iss why I firsst sspoke to you. I adore it and if you let me I can at least try during practisse, if it iss good enough, I can replace this Rilia, and if not, you won’t have losst anything.”

”You mean killing Horatia? But, what if we are caught, they will put us to death.”

”But we will not get caught, I have killed before on sseveral occasions, and never hass anyone even ssusspected me.”

”But how?”

”O, it iss ssimple, I jusst pretend to be another, and I get close enough. Then, a little something in a drink, or maybe a dagger in an alley and it will be over. Jusst never tell anyone and nothing can go wrong.”

”O Narissah, why would you do such a thing for me?”

”You know why, it iss becausse I love you, and I wissh to be together, and your ssisster iss in our way.”

"Then do it, if you promise me that no one will know."

Rengare once was a knight, but her death changed her. She now is a death knight, bound to her armour. She enjoys her martial skill and wants to prove that she is a truly great warrior. In a campaign she could do a variety of things, including even the time-honoured dungeoncrawling.

When Delano Gharna awoke he was confused, every part of his body hurt and he was not lying on the ground like he usually was, instead he was sitting upright. There were chains holding his cold body in place. Slowly he opened his eyes. At first he saw very little, it was dark and damp. He heard a voice: “Are you awake, honoured castellan Gharna of the Silver Shields?”

The voice was a woman’s, but weak. He turned his head to face his companion. He saw a dark silhouette a bit to his left. He answered with his melodious voice: “I am, but who are you?”

The woman answered: “I’m sorry, I should have kept in mind that your memory would still be a bit hazy. I am Rengare Dantha, we met yesterday when you and your friends came here, we exchanged names and then things got a bit confusing.”

Then he remembered, the battle. He had led his knights to this tower to put an end to the depredations of a necromancer, there had been a battle and afterwards he remembered nothing. He asked: “How did the battle end? Were we victorious?”, already knowing that he had failed.

“O yes, one of us was victorious I think, it was so very confusing, but I have provided hospitality to your friends.”

“You fiend! How dare you foul monster, what have you done to us?”

She came closer and said: “We might have clashed but there is no reason to be impolite about it. Now you are here as a guest and guests should behave themselves. But I can assure you that I have done nothing wrong, I have merely killed some men, nothing bad really. You do it all the time after all. But enough about yesterday, I wanted to ask you how you are, blows to the head tend to hurt for a while and they can get in the way of a good conversation.”

“I will not associate with the likes of you, I serve the Light and not your dark desires.”

“There is nothing to worry about, once I was just like you, sworn to serve the Light.”

“But what happened to you, why do you stand against it now?”

“That is a long story, but we have all the time in the world. My love thinks that it is a bit dull, but I like to tell it all the time. For you I will keep it short, I don’t want you dozing off. Where to start?”

Delano saw the opportunity, this way he could learn about the fiend, and maybe even lure her into a situation where he could escape. He said: “How about the beginning?”

“Yes, that would make sense. Well, I was born in a little village called Nes, it was nice and cozy. I had my mother, my father and my brothers. Then, when I was only little we had visitors, a troupe of dead warriors. They killed everyone except me, I was a bit cowardly then. Hiding in a tree. I saw it all happen but kept quiet. Then a beautiful woman arrived, riding on a chariot made of bones. Then of course I could not see the beauty yet, I was afraid and she was dead. Only later did I learn to see the beauty of death.”

Delano swallowed, she was truly insane then. He gathered his wits and said: “So the undead killed everyone you loved? How could you ever have come here then?”

“That happens much later, we will get to that when the story gets there. Anyways, when she left again she took everyone with her, except for me, I was all alone in the tree. I was still frightened so I held on for what seemed like eternity, I was hungry and very thirsty. Then a small group of knights rode into the village, they were dressed in white and their armour glittered in the sun. Just as they approached I fell from the tree, it really hurt, I broke my arm. The knights approached me, swords drawn. It was all very frightening really. Then I feinted, stupid I know, it really hurts the story I think. It feels as though I’m leaving out a part. When I awoke I was in a bed, a new thing, the first time I had ever slept in a bed really. The knights had taken me in and cared for me, that was very nice of them. I stayed with them for years, I was trained to fight and to one day become a member of their order. There is no need to tell you about that, with you being a knight as well. Twelve years later I became a squire to dame Fassl, a really brave warrior. At her side I fought against all kinds of people, once even against a dragon. That was her last fight, the dragon bit her right in half, but it was a bit stupid, when it bit her it gave me a perfect chance and I stabbed right through its eye. Afterwards I cut off the head and tied it and what was left of my knight to a horse and returned to the keep. They cheered for me and I was taken to the chapel to swear the vows of a Knight of the Glittering Dawn.”

Delano had heard about the order before, when he was young it was one of the most famed of its kind, its knight rode across the lands to battle evil. A dozen years ago it suddenly disappeared. Some of his fellows had gone to visit them and found no trace. He said: “The Knights of the Glittering Dawn? Do you know what happened to them?”

“We get to that later. I had just become a knight and then suddenly there was a war. You probably did hear about the incursion of Gushok Blackfang, the orc warlord. Your order was there as well.”

Delano had certainly heard about the incursion. He answered: “I certainly recall it, I was there as a squire, it was my first battle.”

“That is so nice, it was my first big battle as well. I was placed in the second line right in the center of our attack. There were knights from a dozen orders there and together we charged. It was a true bloodbath, very nice really, I didn’t appreciate it like that then of course. To me it was a bit frightening, especially when Gushok himself came right for us with his bodyguard. The first line was spent and withdrew, it was time for us to attack. I gave my horse the spurs but the charge failed, the orcs were clever, they had pikes with them. My horse fell under me and it became a massive melee. Then I suddenly ended up face to face with the warlord. I don’t like to brag, it was already bleeding from a dozen wounds but had killed all the others. I raised my sword and it came right at me. I narrowly evaded its sword and then cut, right through his arm. Immediately thereafter I stabbed through its throat!”

Her voice was getting stronger, sounding proud. Delano remembered that a young knight had killed the warlord in single combat, what a great loss to see such a hero consorting with the darkness now.

“After the battle they called me a hero, but soon that was forgotten. We returned to our keep victorious, but diminished in number. I was then sent out on a great quest, not allowed to return for twelve years, to prevent the sin of pride. I rode away on my own, only my horse for company. Lots of enemies fell beneath my blade in that time, but that is no important part of this story. I hooked up with a group of adventurers, a mage called Naes and a primitive dwarf called Barri. Together we fought for justice, although the others also took quite some things for themselves. We defeated another dragon, this one was called Graumir, it was quite big and breathed fire, like all dragons should. It took Barri’s left arm but eventually we put the beast down. It had a massive hoard, you could almost swim in the gold. We divided equally, I did not however keep my part, I sent it to what then was my home, to support the order. We felt very sorry for Barri, with only one arm he could never again fight with his massive axe. Naes and I decided to try and restore it, but only a great priest could do that. We appealed to the temple in Wesbad, but the priests said that to accomplish such a thing they would need a stone called the Hand of Life.”

The Hand of Life! That mystical artifact with the power to restore all injuries which had been recovered nine years ago, and disappeared little later. He said: “Did you recover it?”

“This item was in the possession of a necromancer. Of course we immediately went to this person, trying to take the Hand of Life. We fought our way through masses of undead warriors, and then I recognized an object in the courtyard, a chariot made of bones, ridden by the woman who had killed my family. Strangely enough this gave me greater strength and we pushed on. We found the item the priests had mentioned and prepared to escape with it. Then a new mass of much more powerful warriors arrived, skeletons dressed in heavy suits of steel armour. I saw that we were in great peril and gave the Hand to Naes. I braced myself and called for them to retreat carefully. As soon as I had said that they started running, leaving me alone to fight the skeletons. But of course a true templar never flees and I braced myself. I fought for a while and then I fell. I did not die, I awoke a bit like you, except that instead of to a chair I was chained to a bed. I was there for a while and then my captor arrived. She was dressed in fine robes and looked at me with fiery eyes. Her dried skin was stretched over her skull and the remnants of her hair were covered by a black tiara. She talked to me, not like you and me but for much longer. She showed me things and slowly my heart was melting. She made so much sense, really. All the things I believed in were shown to be lies, especially the Light. She showed me that it was a leech, draining away our souls from the world. I told her everything and before long she cut my bonds, to walk her keep freely as her guest. I was with her for three months when seven men arrived, ready to challenge her. I offered to be the champion of my kind hostess and she accepted.”

She came closer to him and was now speaking even louder, sounding excited despite the hoarse voice. He could almost make out her face now. Rantha continued: “She did however insist that I would wear a suit of armour she had made just for me, I was really grateful. I still wear it today. Do you like it? O, excuse me, I had forgotten that you could not see in this darkness, it really is something you get used to you know. It will be just a moment.”

Delano heard heavy footsteps and then a flame appeared. The room was flooded with light. At first he was blinded by its brightness. He muttered: “Blessed be the Light”

“There is nothing blessed about that light really. It’s just a little candle.”, Rantha said. Delano looked at her. She was dressed in intricately decorated dark plate armour, decorated with symbols of death. She wore a knee length red cloak emblazoned with a large black rune he did not recognize. Her head was covered by a horned open helmet and her face was obscured by shadow. She continues: “It’s marvelous isn’t it? Well, I just got this marvelous suit of armour and then there were those seven warriors. The gates opened and I came out. It was a difficult fight, seven against one, but my hostess was very kind to me and I could feel her mystical power flowing through my veins. I killed all of them, it was a lot of fun, for the first time I could feel their deaths, a truly great feeling I can assure you.”

“Those men, they were the Seven Shining Ones, how could you kill great men like them, you monster!”

“O yes, that is how they were called, I completely forgot that. Well, killing them was really quite easy. A sword is very handy when you want someone dead you know? My hostess was very happy with me, and even grateful which of course was unneeded, I only did what a guest should do. Guests should help their hosts, not try to hurt them, that’s just not nice. Of course, only a year in the arms of my love later another group came, a real army, these were much better prepared, even taking magicians with them. Again I marched out to face them, all alone. I did kill quite a few but then one very impolite one. He stabbed me from behind you know, a very strange sensation I can tell you. It hurt a lot and I fell, dying. My love saw this and unleashed her wrath on them, she opened the gates and her army flooded out, killing every last one of them. They brought me to her, I could hardly breath and was bleeding heavily. She placed me on a stone slab and put the most beautiful sword I’d ever seen in my hands. She started long incantations which I can’t fully remember because I died during them. Dying is a very strange experience, there is so very much happening at once. You really have to try it one day.”

A shambling corpse entered, carrying a scroll in its hand. Rengare took it from the poor thing. She quickly read the contents and then said: “I am so sorry but I have to leave, my love calls me. But first there is one thing I want you to do. You see, it would be a bit unpleasant for all this to become public knowledge, so I was thinking. Either I kill you to silence you forever but that would be a bit boring, there also is a more interesting option. I know what you are like and I trust you. So I ask you this, swear to me that you will never inform anyone about what has happened here, swear it on the Light, and I will set you free to return to your duties. But know this, if you ever betray my trust a terror beyond your understanding will be unleashed on those under your protection and the Silver Shields will become a legend just like the Glittering Dawn. So tell me Delano Gharna, what do you want me to do?”
Khurshid is is a former village girl who was taken as a servant by a great red dragon. She is utterly loyal because she has convinced herself that this dragon, Tirasa, is almost a divinity. She goes out into the world to do this dragon’s work.
ImageKhurshid sits on her knees, her white feathered wings folded behind her back. She is alone in the dark room, there are no sounds except for the beat of her heart. She swallows, every time that she comes here she still felt the primal fear that had filled her when she had first been on her knees there, all those years ago. Then she had only been a girl, and she had been chosen by the village to be part of the yearly tribute to the dragon of the mountain, one girl and one boy were sent up the mountain every year. She had always known that it would be her, something about her nature had always given the villagers the feeling that something was wrong with her. It was not normal for the child of two peasants to have a pair of white wings. The boy that was sent with her to the base of the mountain was Garsh, together they had scaled the mountain, or rather, he had climbed while Khurshid was carried by her wings. He had never made it to the top, a piece of rock came loose and he fell to his doom.

Khurshid had not looked back, it was too dark for her to see anything. She even found it an advantage, on her own she could simply fly higher and higher, until she reached the mouth of the cavern. She entered it and fell to her knees in this exact place, too exhausted to continue. She was utterly terrified when she had heard a distant sound. She knew why she was there, to sate the hunger of the terrible dragon that had threatened to raze the village to the ground. It was terribly hot, and she almost feinted when she suddenly saw something emerge from the darkness. It was huge, even bigger than in her nightmares. The beast moved its head close to her, and Khurshid had to struggle to keep her eyes open. The heat of the dragon was terrible, and her skin burned. For some reason she had the presence of mind to say what might very well have saved her life: “O great and mighty dragon. I am Khurshid, your lowly servant. How may I serve you?”

Tirasa likes such flattery, she had spared Khurshid’s life for it. Of course, Khurshid had become the dragon’s servant. At first she was only afraid, but soon she came to worship her master, and when Tirasa razed the village of her birth to the ground Khurshid was there, it had been a joyous event. There is something strange in the air today, but she stays in her place, she never goes further without the dragon’s command. Sometimes Tirasa makes her sit there for hours, until she can barely move anymore. This time it is different. After mere moments she hears Tirasa in her head: “Approach, my servant.”

Khurshid rises, slightly spreading her wings before she continues into the darkness. Her footsteps resound through the cavern, otherwise it is completely silent. She smells the usual smell of brimstone, but there also is the smell of burned flesh. That is a good thing, fresh meals tend to ease Tirasa’s moods. Even in the darkness she can make out the glitter of the hoard, and in the middle of it she first sees fire, and then the dragon’s horned head. After a few more steps she again kneels, but before she can speak Tirasa speaks with an oddly sweet voice, even after decades of service Khurshid finds this voice unnerving: “Sit on the king’s seat”

This is surprising, normally Tirasa wants her on her knees, she has never allowed anyone to sit on the marble seat that used to belong to the king of Iridia. Khurshid had come to him as Tirasa’s ambassador, demanding him to hand over his treasure. The man had refused and hired a group of ruffians to slay her lady. They had been burned to cinders while they were resting, and soon afterwards Tirasa had attacked the castle, eating the royal family and taking their symbols of rulership. Khurshid sits down on the magnificent seat while the dragon remains resting on her massive pile of coins. Tirasa starts to speak, still in the soft voice: “Did I ever tell you about my past, before you came to serve me?”

“No, great one, you never did.”

“Then it is time for you to learn.”

Khurshid sits on the edge of the throne, her wings fit uncomfortably with the large, decorated back of the thing. She looks at Tirasa’s heads, she feels fear but also a great awe. She feels content, she is the greatest servant of this most magnificent creature.

“I was hatched together with three brothers and a sister. My sister is Ava, and my brothers were Pertinax, Aurelion and Rothanar. You have met Pertinax, you brought me his head.”, the dragon speaks, Khurshid briefly looks at the gilded dragon skull that lies between the gold. She recalls poisoning the dragon and subsequently cutting off the head. She had presented it to Tirasa as a gift. She likes such trophies. “They considered me to be a freak, and unfortunately they were larger than me. I of course had my superior intellect, and played them against each other. Nevertheless I had to struggle for food. Our mother had abandoned us and we started to raid nearby villages. Eventually we started to face our first true threat, a group of warriors pursued us to our lair and attacked us while we slept, not daring to face draconic might. I was awake and saw the opportunity to dispose of Aurelion. He was closest to the entrance. The warriors killed him with their steel, but his cries awoke the rest. These dragonslayers then tasted the power of fire and we ate them.”

Tirasa doesn’t need to pause for breath, when one of her heads breathes, the other continues to speak. “Eventually our ways parted when a conflict arose over the hoard. I was wise enough to leave without taking anything, it wasn’t worth much and I after all was destined for greatness. Pertinax took possession of the hoard, he was the biggest of us. Of course, I triumphed in the end when you delivered it back to me, with interest. I made my first lair in the Redtooth mountains, I was a true terror to the gnomes and ate many of them, and seized their treasure. Eventually I decided to move on, the area had been thoroughly plundered. This had nothing to do with the arrival of Gobalin the so-called magnificent. This ancient golden dragon would have been no match to me!”

Khurshid nods in acknowledgement, Tirasa would never admit that she was afraid of another, especially of a metallic dragon, even if it was vastly more powerful. “I took my hoard and shoved it into my carrying well and took to the skies, invisible to any kind of sight. I made my way to these parts, and gained possession of this mountain. I used my great cunning to ensure that no one would stand against me and took this cavern for my own use. Lower in the mountain I found the kobold tribes and made them bow down in worship of me. I made them work to make this place a worthy home for me and my treasure, and they brought me their wealth. I flew over the countryside and made an ultimatum to each of the villages. They would bring me two of their young every year and would pay a tithe in coin to me. I continued this practice for almost fifty years when something special was delivered to me, you. When you first entered my home I saw that you would make a great servant and spared you. I however also came to realize one thing, and that is that I remain bound by mortality. I let you inscribe my heart with great runes of power and now am on the path to immortality. Of course, an immortal needs amusement, and I found it in the great game of Xorvintaal. I will need to meditate on this for a month, you will watch over me while I do this. Be my most loyal servant, my Khurshid.”

“Yes, great one, allow me to bask in your glory. I will always do your bidding, my divine lady.”
And another, for who I found the background on an old computer. She is Drimanai, a priestess of a good goddess who had done a little research, but of course, she read too much and now she has fallen in love with a long-vanquished lich. Of course, she believes that she can actually bring the monster back and that they will be eternaly happy together. She will start out as a very naive young priestess, but she might change during her quest, and of course, she might not be entirely happy with what she finds at the end of it.
Dear diary,

I don’t know what to do. I told you before, but only in vague terms, if the others found out they will lock me up, and I don’t even know if that would be a good thing. It started when I studied the diaries of the lich Arathea, and I immediately felt sympathy for her. She had such a sense of humor, and her observations were just wonderful. Added to that she had a great appreciation for study. A truly wonderful being. I kept reading and reading, and I dreamt of her, what she would be like, in her cold beauty. I just couldn’t think of anything else. I dug through the library to find more about her, and discovered that these diaries had been brought here by a group of warriors who had defeated her, but they couldn’t find her phylactery, and they hoped that one of our order could have deduced it. The ones who studied it first didn’t, but I understand her, I know it, but I will never tell them. No, I want to be with her, to free her from her secret prison. But I have my vows, I cannot just break them.

Unless, unless I do. Why should I remain here, I was raised here, and I studied, in service of the Light. But the appeal is gone. I will only ever be happy with Arathea, I have to find her. But will she like me? What am I? She was a great terror to the world, I am a humble priestess here in the abbey. I haven’t even seen an outsider in my whole life. But, what if I turn to the darkness, leave the Goddess behind forever and seek a new master, one that would allow my desires. To do what I want instead of what I’m supposed to do. Yes, that’s it, I will become like Arathea, and will bring the world down.

But how do I go about being evil? I don’t really want to hurt anyone, especially not my sisters, and I don’t really have any minions to boss around. What would Arathea do? Well, probably she would use her magic to destroy the convent, take the library for herself and reanimate everyone inside to serve her. That isn’t really an option right now. Although, there are a few treasures that I could steal before running away…
Dear diary,

I did it. I left the convent, I couldn’t bring myself to really damage anything, but I did scratch across a mural of the Goddess. It made me feel bad, both in the good and the bad way. I was so proud of myself, but at the same time there was a sense of wrongness in it. Now I am somewhere I don’t know where. I used a scroll that we kept, allowing me to teleport, I imagined the city of Drusthai, which I had once observed through magic. But I think that I made a mistake, and now I ended up here. In the distance there is a small town, I will walk there. I just hope that this place isn’t too close to home, they will be looking for me to bring me back.

Anyways, I will have to do something about how I look. This way she will never see me as a proper companion. But how should I dress? I have read a bit about it, but it is hard. It appears to be customary to wear something skimpy as an evil woman, but I don’t want that, I might be evil now, but I still like being warm and then I would always be cold. Another option is spiky armor, but that seems heavy, and I’m not very strong. Then there are black robes, but I’m not sure, it might look a bit stupid, I am blonde after all, and it might make me look far too pale. I’ll have to see what I can find, I think.
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Characters looking for a game to be in

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This is a concept that I've wanted to play for quite a while, a construct, lost in a world she doesn't know, looking to return to her stable home which may not exist anymore. I have written this in such a way that she could be fitted in almost anywhere. I leave it entirely up to you what happened to her after her sleep. She could still be under the rubble, or someone could have put her somewhere as a statue, or she could even have been brought to the laboratory of a Mad Scientist(TM)
Years ago the archmage Firona was lonely, she longed for company but couldn’t trust anyone. She had her constructs, but they were mere automatons, incapable of discussing anything with her. So she set about doing what few had ever tried before. She was going to create a fully functional intelligent construct. She tried dozens of times, but most failed spectacularly, but eventually she found the right magical formulas. The result was Sidira, a creature made from many metals and a painted face, animated to seem almost human. As a precaution she needed to be wound up every few days, and her hands couldn’t reach her back. Firona hoped that this would prevent some of the earlier disasters she had had with disobedient constructs. She was capable of thinking and speaking, but magic seemed to never touch her. This was a major disappointment to Firona, but at least Sidira was capable of conversations, and actually was quite a good assistant.

Sidira was a loyal servant, and came to ever greater understanding. She helped her mistress in the construction of more servants, but none of them had what she had, the spark of true intelligence. But that wasn’t needed in them, they had other tasks. The archmage’s scrying had revealed that local towns were growing afraid of her and her quest for materials, and they were hiring warriors to put an end to the perceived threat. Firona responded by vindicating their fears, she sent her clockwork horrors to attack the nearby villages, to gain more knowledge about their abilities in combat, and to be ready when it came to war.

These raids only frightened the local people, and many started to flee to the perceived safety of their walls. They however weren’t completely helpless, a small group of warriors had arrived, they were outlandish but capable. They struck the tower with a lightning attack, somehow entering through the basements. There they encountered Sidira, who of course tried to stop them. But one of the invaders was a mage and he caused the roof to collapse onto the construct. She tried to clear her way to freedom, but it all was too heavy, and eventually the key completed its final turn, and she fell silent, her thoughts coming to a halt.

Her name is Lernai and she is a pixie of fiendish heritage, who has learned to bind dark creatures to her will. She would probably work best in 3.5 gestalt, at mid- to high levels. She would use the malconvoker prestige class based on a wizard, and would function either on her own or in a party of adventurers.

Lernai was born as the child of an innocent pixie who lived with her fellows in a nice little glade, deep in the woods of Taryn. Her mother, Armenai was an adventurous fey and went on many trips to explore the world outside the forest. On one of these trips she met a nice Halfling, calling himself Rond. This poor Halfling had been robbed by the mean priests of St. Cuthbert who had hidden his sword in the crypts under their temple. Of course, she immediately agreed to help him retrieve the sword. Rond told Armenai that the sword was kept in a lead box under the altar, and that he knew how to open it safely, she really shouldn’t try to do that. The invisible fey entered the temple, and managed to reach the well-secured crypt. But there she passed some sort of magical alarm and several priests reached arrived on the scene. Their magic revealed Armenai and they moved in on her, brandishing their weapons. But Armenai had a magic of her own, and the priests were trapped in strange vegetation. One of them shouted something, but Armenai didn’t know their language and magically lifted the box to escape. Later that night she cavorted with Rond, who had disappeared the next morning. She didn’t know that Rond actually was a succubus named Ras’norkhael, and the box contained the sword and whip of the balor Ainhorr. The succubus had been sent to retrieve them and found Armenai a useful tool.

But Armenai was left with more than just the memories, her belly started growing, and she wondered what it meant. She figured that it was something that she ate, so she decided to be a bit more careful. After a few months the most curious thing happened, a small pixie came out of her! All the others were gathered around her, and started to poke the little thing, it couldn’t even talk yet. But there was one big discussion, the little pixie, who was a bit pale and whose hair was strangely dark, and red-eyed, needed a name. The pixies argued for ages until they decided to ask a dryad, who suggested Lernai. And that was to be the newborn’s name.

Lernai grew up in the strangest community, everything was a game, and nothing had any real consequences. But the others started to dislike her, she was too serious to their tastes, and even worse, she was capable of using other tricks than they were, which made them jealous. Eventually she was accused of cheating in hide and seek and the others stared throwing things at her. Lernai desperately wanted to be someowhere else and then she heard a little pop. She was in a strange new place, where everything was different. People didn’t just share, no, they actively hurt each other. But there was much to learn. After travelling for several weeks she found a strange iron tower, going up so high in the sky that she almost couldn’t see the top, although her eyesight never was all that good. There was no door, but Lernai was curious and flew to the top of the tower. There she saw that the top was flat, but she was very tired and lay down to sleep.

She was rudely awakened by a strange being. It was big, hairy and towered over her. She looked up, and introduced herself, asking who it was. The giant was an orc named Cruatra, who had taken up the study of magic despite her race’s heritage of barbarity. Lernai asked if she could teach her how to do this, and the wizard agreed to keep her in her tower for a week, to see if she had what it took.

During this week Lernai showed herself to be a capable servant, and already grasped the basic theories of magic. But Cruatra let her stay mostly for other reasons, the foremost of which was Lernai's fiendish heritage, and her obvious psionic abilities. Cruatra wanted to study her student, and to gain her innate power for herself. But she found that Lernai was more than an object of study. She started making contributions to Cruatra's mystical research. But there was more to the master than the apprentice understood. She was a mighty conjurer, but the orc went too far. She attempted to bind a great fiend to her will, but failed and the monster broke free. Lernai narrowly escaped by teleporting away, but she was followed by the fiend's servants. One of these found her in a small nameless village. Lernai blasted the creature with her mind, but it wasn't enough. She teleported away again, but moments later the demon was back, along with several companions. Lernai had no great spells prepared, and even her invisible form couldn't hide her. So she did the only thing she had left, she offered them a deal.

The demons brought her back to their master, the marilith Yas'menech. Lernai fell to her knees before the snake-bodied monster and was offered a simple deal, her loyalty for her life. It was a simple decission for the young mage, and she agreed. She was allowed to keep the tower, and even the books, but would be constantly watched by the babau Masvirnol. Her fey nature came to the fore, she had a talent for deception and soon led a second, even more secret life, away from the babau who enjoyed himself with a few servants Lernai had attracted. She gained an understanding of abyssal politics and made dark pacts with several demons, preparing them for the confrontation. She had created a series of illusions that hid her work from Masvirnol, and surrounded with her pact-bound allies she brought Yas'menech into the material plane, into a prepared circle. The battle was terrible, but in the end the marilith fell, and Lernai was victorious. Most of her allies were also dead, which suited her well, she didn't have to pay them for the task that had been performed. He loss however still was great, and the iron tower disappeared from the mortal world.
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Characters looking for a game to be in

Post by TetNak » Sun May 24, 2015 9:19 pm

Personally I'm not a big fan of just building characters and inserting them into whatever game. I'm big on creating the character specifically for the game itself. I'd talk to GMs that might be running games you want to play to see if any of these fit.
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Characters looking for a game to be in

Post by Raunchel » Fri May 29, 2015 4:20 pm

That is what I usually try to do, but these are essentially remnants of old games that I simply got too attached to, and I simply want to play them again. And I'll definately take a good luck once I no longer feel this ill.
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