Scheduled Server Maintenance, June 1, 2021

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Scheduled Server Maintenance, June 1, 2021

Post by Shurijo » Fri May 28, 2021 12:41 pm

From web host provider wrote: (PHP v7.2) is currently running an unsupported version of PHP. Updates for this PHP version are no longer issued by the PHP project. In practice this means that any bugs or security vulnerabilities discovered in your PHP installation will not be fixed, and that your website is potentially vulnerable to several known security threats.

On June 1, 2021, we’ll (web host) be making an attempt to upgrade each site’s version of PHP to v7.4.

We’re constantly working on making improvements that we hope will reduce or eliminate any upgrade-related complications. We plan to upgrade your sites and run a series of automated tests immediately afterward to ensure your websites are working as intended. For each site:

* If it passes all of our tests, it will stay on PHP v7.4 but you will want to inspect it yourself right away because our tests can’t catch everything. If this happens you can change PHP back easily from the panel.

* If it fails, we’ll automatically revert your site back to PHP 7.2 and notify you.

Since we have a three day weekend and Monday will most likely be slow. I may perform a full backup of the system and click the 'upgrade' button over the weekend so there won't be any disruptions on June 1 (Tuesday).

Speaking of upgrades, I should also probably upgrade the phpBB forums software this summer as well. We're running 3.2.8, so we'll need to do one major update to 3.3 and smaller updates to get to latest version of 3.3.4. These phpBB updates usually break our themes and plug-ins/add-on modules, so I'll clone this site into a test subdomain and then try to run the updater there. That's usually very time consuming since our database of threads/forums is massive and goes back to early-mid 2000s and all kinds of things break which just take time to figure out how to fix (if there's no module update) or hack to get to work.

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