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Character Drawbacks

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2008 9:03 pm
by Vardaen
jigglypuff69 was kind enough to give me a copy of a book that has Drawbacks in it. These are like Flaws, some of them are on the level of a Flaw others are less harsh. For each Drawback you take you get 4 skill points to spend (following all rules for skill point max, cost, cross class, etc)

The book suggests 2 or 3 drawbacks, and that they be taken at first level only or given out by the DM as the story progressed. I probably will start using these on a limited scope. If someone finds one they think is just perfect for a character already in use in my games, please PM me and we can see about adding it.

I present the book here for your use.

Please Right Click and Save As... ... wbacks.pdf