Book 2: Act 2 - Summer with the Woodmen

It is the year 2946 of the Third Age, and the lands east of the Misty Mountains are astir. From the cloud-shrouded peaks above the High Pass to the spider-infested gloom of the forest of Mirkwood, paths long-deserted are trodden once again. Busy merchants carry their wares to new markets, messengers bring tidings from foreign realms, and kings send forth armed men to extend their influence and the rule of law. Some say that a new age of freedom has begun, a time for adventure and great deeds to reclaim glories lost in long centuries of oppression and decline.

But adventures are not really things that people go out and look for. They are dangerous and rarely end well. While it is true that a handful of valiant individuals set out to make their mark on the world, for others it seems that adventure chooses them, as though it is the path they are fated to tread. They are restless warriors, curious scholars and wanderers, always eager to seek what was lost or explore what was forgotten. Ordinary people call them adventurers, and when they return successful, they call them heroes. But if they fail, no one will even remember their names...

Run by the Loremaster Vardaen
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Re: Book 2: Act 2 - Summer with the Woodmen

Post by Muskrat » Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:01 am

Varuthil merely nods to everyone present, then follows Aerth's lead and leaves to make ready for the journey.

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Re: Book 2: Act 2 - Summer with the Woodmen

Post by Eilandor » Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:08 pm

Wren spends the next few days preparing for the groups trip to the Easterly Inn. First and foremost he informs Imnachar, thanking him for his time and training. On the morning of their departure, Wren takes some time working with his new quiver, firing a few arrows into a straw bale before joining the others for breakfast.
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The End

Post by Vardaen » Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:46 pm

Kept waiting for Trog to post.
Making ready to leave isn't as quick as Aerth would like. He has lived a nomadic life and is easily prepared to leave, the others not so. Varuthil and Wren have Woodmen tasks to finish up, and the two silvan elves make ready as quickly as they can, but it still takes them many days. Borir and Pipkin are even worse. Pipkin is easily distracted by various things, and insists on having just the right supplies to make the trip, last time you were caught in a spring flood and you lost a good deal of food and were miserable for it. Borir has been working the forges and can't simply leave projects unfinished.

To make matters worse Radagast disappears for nearly a week without giving you his letters for his friend. So even if you were ready you'd end up waiting around for the Brown Wizard anyhow.

Taking advantage of the time Aerth plans the trip, and you have your pack pony's readied, and supplies are gathered and bought and late on August 9th, just after dinner Radgast the Brown returns. He looks haggered and weary, and blows into town quickly. Finding some of you gathered he shoves several letters into your hand. "Take these to the Easterly Inn, look for my friend Gandalf there, or along your way. Make sure the ostler understands if Gandalf comees through he must get these. What? Who's Gandalf? He's a Wizard like me, wears grey robes, a silver scarf and has a tall pointy blue hat. You can't miss him. Please, you must leave in the morning. I must go south, I have tarried north too long!"

Without getting much more from him he's gone, back out of Woodland Hall and racing south to Rhosgobel.
So end this Fellowship Phase.

Watch the OOC for Travel Lore Rolls and I'll start the next Adventure Phase ASAP. Trog I expect you'll be back posting regularly now in the Adventure Phase. I'll have Borir tag along with you guys in hopes that Shurijo may be returning soon-ish.
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