Book 1: Crownfall, Act 2: Lost in History

As the political scene in Taldor explodes into chaos, heroes take on the mantle of agents, advocates, and saboteurs working for Princess Eutropia to help secure her claim to the Imperial throne and prevent the Empire from collapsing in on itself in civil war. Will they grow from relative nobodies to powerful politicians and spymasters in the deadliest political arena in the Inner Sea?

Run by the GM ManWithDoor
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Re: Book 1: Crownfall, Act 2: Lost in History

Post by Othniel » Tue Dec 15, 2020 2:57 pm

Astraea groans as she rises to her feet. She casts a spell upon herself to further heal her wounds and then takes a look at the note.

"The Fantabulous Killer of the Brotherhood of Silence?" she reads from the note. "Someone thinks highly of themselves."
Going to Spontaneously Cast Cure Light Wounds on myself and use up a Divine Favor spell to do so.

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Re: Book 1: Crownfall, Act 2: Lost in History

Post by Vardaen » Tue Dec 15, 2020 5:07 pm

Theodrix chases the halfling up the stairs and for a good while until its clear the little bugger has escaped. He curses, and trots back down to join the others, "Stairs up, we can get out of this place finally."

He joins in and when he can he takes a look at the letter taking it from Astraea and then passing t on to the next person. "Seems we know where we are off too next. First we best by Lotheed and the Lady. I worry for their safety." He reaches into his cloak and holds tightly to the communication brooch, "Anyone listening, we were just attacked by more halfling assassins of the Fantabulous Killer of the Brotherhood of Silence. DO NOT TRUST HALFLINGS or anyone of Thamir Grixx following. We are reaching topside now, and will come for you." He makes sure the mithril and potion are taken, even if just to sell (he will keep the potion if no one wants it) and then suggests they hurry up and be rid of this place and rush to their charges.
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Re: Book 1: Crownfall, Act 2: Lost in History

Post by Grimbold » Fri Dec 18, 2020 9:32 am

"Are you alright?" Betram asks Astrea, looking at her questioningly. "Do you need a drink?"
Shortly after, he is ready.
"Let's move!"

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Re: Book 1: Crownfall, Act 2: Lost in History

Post by ManWithDoor » Tue Dec 22, 2020 2:44 am

Imistos pulls up the hood of a moth-bidden cloak he found down here, trying to keep out of sight and thus out of mind for the 'DO NOT TRUST HALFLINGS' sentiment going on around here. Not that the assassins didn't help push that antipathy, but he just wants to keep his head low to avoid it landing on him.

Gathering the group together, you head on up the stairs. No other momentous discoveries are made along the way. No more ambushes, traps, or fascinating treasures to see. As you proceed upwards the masonry shows a progression of better care, until you come to a partially broken down wall. It looks like this hallway was bricked up and closed off for a long time, and only recently uncovered. Likely by the assassins trying to hunt down possible escapees, or maybe something else. You find yourselves in the lowers levels of the Senate Building, and manage to escape out a servants entrance that Imistos shows you, keeping out of sight of any guards or whatever that might accost you.

You get far away from the Senate and blend in with the worried crowds of the city, the Dignified Repository almost in your sights ...
Alright everyone, congratulations on surviving Act 2! I'll get Act 3 up and running soon.

Please level up to Level 3. HOWEVER, you haven't had a chance to rest. So you get any new additional HP, spell slots, etc., but don't recover your used abilities. So for example if you were a Sorcerer that used 1 of 3 of their 1st level spells slots, and got another slot, you would now be at 1 of 4 used slots, that sort of thing.
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Re: Book 1: Crownfall, Act 2: Lost in History

Post by Zorbeltuss » Sun Dec 27, 2020 10:55 pm

"It would stand to reason that someone knew we might come this way?" Mercutio muses "And we know little or less of what happened back here, I like mysteries, sure, but not the kind with daggers with our names on them."

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