Any interest in another Star Wars game? (Jedi)

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Any interest in another Star Wars game? (Jedi)

Post by Shurijo » Sun Mar 01, 2020 3:08 pm

Hey all,

Is there any interest in another Star Wars game?

I really like FFG rules, but I'm also open to using d6 since Vardaen is currently using that ruleset in the current Star Wars game (so everybody can use the same rules, and d6 is all open rules on the d6 wiki). I've played Saga/d20 and FFG, but V's game is my first d6 game-so there will be some GM and player learning as we go.

Here's my current idea:
  • The High Republic - same era as the new line of books and movies (~200 BBY)
  • All Jedi (unless you really want to be a non-Jedi, but story lines will center around Jedi)
  • 1 Jedi Master (if wanted, have some extra requirements, restrictions, levels for this player)
  • Others else are Padawans with prelude of Jedi Trials for knighthood
  • Also, padawans have a chance to fail their trial, if so then they'll get another chance later. This isn't a gimmie-free levels\points challenge\game.
Start Date: Unknown, possibly April depending on interest and how fast we go with char gen. Otherwise, if get interest later, then we can start it later as well.
HIGH REPUBLIC ADVENTURES wrote: A longer time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …

It is the golden age of the Jedi. Nearly 50,000 Jedi
maintain peace throughout the galaxy as the borders
and member systems of the Galactic Republic quickly
expand into the dangerous and difficult to navigate
Unsettled and unexplored frontier systems give way to
settlers, merchants, entrepreneurs, and outlaws seeking
new opportunities, influence, and power.

The construction of the Starlight Beacon has been completed
in the center of the dark zones. This station acts as a
navigational beacon to help travelers find their way in the
uncharted regions of space. To complement the military
garrison and a multitude of researchers, a large Jedi
contingent serves as ambassadors to the civilizations
of the newly discovered systems.

Annihilation threatens to consume the Carosus system. Six
months ago, scientists issued a dire alert to the Galactic Senate
stating the primary star in the system will soon expand into a
red giant. This expansion will encompass and destroy the five
innermost planets. The military, merchant fleets, and the Jedi
are ordered to assist in the evacuation and provide protection
against those who might take advantage of the evacuation process.

Under the leadership of Jedi Master Qornah, citizens of four of
the five planets have been evacuated to other planets within the
System. The final citizens of Carosi V are now under siege by
anarchistic marauders seeking to scavenge resources preventing
the last groups to safely be relocated...

Elsewhere, under the guidance of the Jedi High Council
several Jedi Padawans are awaiting the rites known as the
Trials of Knighthood. The hopeful Knights stand ready in the
Jedi Trials Chamber of the Coruscant Jedi Temple...

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Any interest in another Star Wars game? (Jedi)

Post by Othniel » Tue Mar 03, 2020 4:29 am

I'm game so long as it's FFG or Saga, with a very strong preference for the former. The Padawan spec in the Jedi career is great for this.

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