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Duty Roster

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 3:19 am
by Orvost
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Duty Roster

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:08 am
by ManWithDoor
Name: Alex "Alik" Craig
Age: 25
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Career Track: Engineering

Alik was born into a spacer family, traveling the stars for commerce and trade. Planets and outposts have things they need to buy and sell, and somebody has to staff the ships that make that all possible. Given the problems humanity has in the great vastness of space, it was never a comfortable or safe life. Technological issues, raiders, wars, celestial hazards, you name it, he's lived through it.

The young mister Craig knew that his life would stay in the stars, but he envisioned himself taking a step up in life. Scrounging for making ends meet is honest work, but he wanted to life in the best-of-the-best, a Starfleet vessel. Having lived in space his whole life he already knew how ships worked, and how to maintain them. So he signed up for Starfleet and applied for the Engineering track. The Academy was certainly an eye-opener from cultural and leadership training views, but he felt right at home in the guts of a ship with a hyperspanner in hand.

From a more personal perspective, he is incredibly well-read. He devours a novel in a couple days and moves right on to the next. He likely could easily have gone into Communications if he had wanted to, but he prefers the physical aspects of ships. He has his ear to the ground and is a bit of a gossip hound. If someone has a bit of news to share, or even a rumor to whisper, he is always interested.

Duty Roster

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:48 pm
by Shurijo
Name: Shur Ijocado, III
Age: 24
Race: Human
Sex: male
Career Track: Navigation

While the Ijocado family mining business has existed for several generations, the Ijocado family quickly rose to prominence more than a hundred years ago under Shur's grandfather. As one of the first sea floor mining companies, his family quickly secured contracts with United Earth to operate and oversee off-world mining colonies. The Ijocado family expanded through mergers and acquisitions. They are now one of the largest manufacturers of mineral extraction and hold numerous patents on their proprietary technology.

He was home schooled by the best teachers money could buy, as his family groomed him to become the next CEO of Ijocado Innovative Industries (also called "3I"). However, Shur's sights were set on the stars.

As a child, Shur traveled to off-world mining colonies with his grandfather and father. He found the aspect of business, spreadsheets, shareholders, and corporate image boring and impossible. In his teenage years, he often rebelled resulting in embarrassing events for the family. The mining explosions and general rebellious mischief were always covered up by bribing tabloid reporters and paying off any injured (and accidental) victims or equipment.

Unknown to his parents, he applied for Star Fleet Academy and was accepted. Late one night, he snuck out and took one of the company's private jets and flew himself to San Francisco, the location of Starfleet Academy. While his family was initially quite upset with his choice, they convinced themselves that having a Starfleet officer as the future CEO would help the company win even more contracts and give them a great marketing story. While Shur has yet to tell them otherwise, they believe he'll return home after a tour or two.

During his academy years, Shur did well at studies and extracurricular activities. As the team captain of the fleet's kendo team, the school placed third within their region. Having excelled in astrogration, he was accepted to the Navigation branch of the Engineering School. He is quite competitive in sports and exams, and he craves the thought of adventures and exploring uncharted space. He is also quite-sensitive when anyone says his grandfather bought his way into the academy rather than through earning the merit, which has resulted in at least one disciplinary action (for a brawl) in his personnel file from the academy.


Re: Duty Roster

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:33 pm
by Bohemond
Name: Jacob DeVries
Age: 26
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Career Track: Science

Jacob was born the child of educators. Growing up, the family traveled throughout the western United States and Canada, his parents performing a variety of jobs from teaching in rural communities to performing research and monitoring wildlife. Although not a conventional nor particularly stable upbringing, Jacob was instilled with both a respect for the natural world and a desire, if not need, to explore and travel. As he grew older, he set his sights on Star Fleet with the blessing of his family and enrolled in the Academy once he was of age.

The new recruit took to life in the Academy very well. Jacob saw the setting as yet another new place to explore and experience, and luckily the workload and opportunities for self-growth were stimulating enough to keep his wanderlust in check while he completed his studies. He joined the climbing team and the ocean swimming club, which gave him the opportunity to keep in contact with the outdoors. In turn, he was generally well-liked by his peers, who were amused by the idea of rough-around-the-edges cadet who did not match the stereotype of the stolid, reserved science officer.

Upon entering the Science Branch School, Jacob decided that he didn't want to be pigeonholed into a position where he'd be confined to just a laboratory. He wanted to explore the universe personally, not through remote sensors or by running algorithms. His course of study was unorthodox, but hopefully gave him the right set of skills to be a natural selection for planetary surveys and away teams.

Personality wise, Jacob breaks the mold of the typical science officer demeanor. Make no mistake, he is extremely sharp and focused when it comes to his work. However, he is affable, if sarcastic, and prefers a night out or a good game of poker to sitting alone in his room polishing a rock collection.