The Rings and their Role

Converting the L5R setting to the FFG Lord of the Ring LCG co-op style game.
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The Rings and their Role

Post by Vardaen » Thu May 21, 2015 8:15 pm

In LotR each Sphere has a different role in the game. The same should be said for the Rings in the L5R version of the game. There is some similarities between them. This is to try and sort out the roles of the spheres, and general purpose of the cards. I likely will start a thread for each Ring to track what cards are made, what needs to be made, etc...

From LotR:

Spheres of Influence
There are four different spheres of influence in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, and each has its own distinct flavor and identity. Most player cards fall under one of these spheres, represented by a unique icon, as well as by a unique color on its card border. Each hero has an emphasis in one of these four spheres. A hero’s sphere dictates the types of cards that hero allows a player to use.

The sphere of Leadership emphasizes the charismatic and inspirational influence of a hero, and that hero’s potential to lead, inspire, and command both allies and other heroes alike.

The sphere of Lore emphasizes the potential of a hero’s mind. Intellect, wisdom, experience, and specialized knowledge are all under the domain of this sphere.

The sphere of Spirit emphasizes the strength of a hero’s will. Determination, resilience, courage, loyalty, and heart are all aspects of this sphere.

The sphere of Tactics emphasizes a hero’s martial prowess, particularly as it relates to combat and to overcoming other tactical challenges that might confront the players during a quest.

From L5R:

Air is enigmatic and mercurial in all things, and represents an individual’s capacity for empathy and intuition. The spirits of Air can be capricious and mischievous, but their wrath is as that of the storm. Those who are aligned with the element of Air possess superior instincts and speed of reaction. Those who are at odds with Air are physically sluggish and oblivious to the nuanced behavior of those around them.

Earth is eternal, unchanging, and unmoving. It is the element of endurance and resistance, and represents an individual’s ability to withstand whatever trials arise. The spirits of Earth are quiet and impassive but can be roused into brief moments of terrible violence. Those who are aligned with Earth have tremendous fortitude and resolve, resisting the power of the Shadowlands Taint, while those who are at odds with Earth are frail and weak-minded.

Fire is the element of dynamic change, energy, and destruction. It is the element of motion and illumination. Spirits of Fire are capable of mending what has been broken, or of destroying all in their path. Those who are strong in the element of Fire are great warriors, brilliant scholars, or possibly both. Those weak in Fire are physically uncoordinated and sluggish of thought.

Water is the element of rapid change and alteration. It is the inexorable force that can carve mountains over thousands of years and the capricious storm that batters a ship one instant and gently carries it to its destination the next. Spirits of water can enhance the movement abilities of those they bless, or bolster their strength in other ways. Those who are strong in the element of Water possess incredible strength and perception. Those who are weak in Water are slow to move and possess dulled senses.

The fifth and final element that comprises the universe is Void. Void is poorly understood by the mortal mind, for it is both the presence and the absence of the other four elements. It is the state of all elements existing together simultaneously, and yet it is also the emptiness that exists between them. Void is an almost uniquely human trait, a result of the divine spark that exists within them through their creation by the forces of the Celestial Heavens. Very few other creatures can even perceive the Void, let alone manipulate it.
So my initial thoughts were to try and put each Ring into the same sort of category as the Spheres.

Air - Seem to match up to Spirit.

Earth - Was thinking Lore here.

Fire - Seems most likely to match up with Tactics to me.

Water - Was thinking Leadership here.

Void - Void becomes the same as Neutral in LotR which is no sphere. It can be paid for with any resource type, and so easily matches up here.

They don't match up perfectly, and don't have to, but some general guidelines help to prevent the rings from overlapping in their duties too much.
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Re: The Rings and their Role

Post by TetNak » Thu May 21, 2015 8:17 pm

Works for me.
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