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Re: Chapter 2 - Dark of the Moon

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 4:38 am
by Wbweather
Yes, take the AP (Same for you other players).
Torwin slips the rope around the stallion's neck, slowly petting the horse's main and comforting the creature. Caldscinn allows him to do so with little resistance. Torwin then begins to lead the horse by the rope, slowly until the beast trusts him. After some time he finally ventures to mount the horse and ride him around until he has gained the creature's trust.
Feat Die: 2*
Success Die: 5,3,5
Totaling: 15
After a day spent choosing horses, Deoric invites you to stay in his hall for the evening as honored guests. There is no great feast as there was in Brocdene, but in stead the evening is spent in quiet conversation. In the morning you gather your gear and your new horses and ride out heading east to Edoras.

The journey back is uneventful as you contemplate what you have done and what you have learned about the strange events that took place in Nan Curinir. Two days later, you arrive back at Edoras where you take audience with Ealdulf, the King's reeve. He listen's to the report you bring and then dismisses you, thanking you for your faithful service, noting that the king appreciates what you have done.

"The king needs good people if he is to unite Rohan. Do not be surprised if he calls on you again", he tells you.

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Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:01 pm
by Blubbo_Baggins
Still on vacation, back Sunday and hope to post soon

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Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:15 pm
by Vardaen
Hereweald is pleased with his horse, but hates its name. The entire ride back to Edoras he is suggesting options to the beast, to see if the horse prefers any of the new choices. So far, none of them seem to satisfy the creature. At one point you overhear him talking to Moondancer, "Well fine then, but don't expect me to call you by this ridiculous name."

Back in the capitol he helps retell the tale, not leaving out anything, and expressing concern over the situation in the Wizard's Vale, and about the goblins and wargs roaming in the Rohan. He presses the Reeve that something needs to be done, an force must be sent to assist the Westfold.

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Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:39 pm
by Blubbo_Baggins
Torwin is greatful to Deoric, and says that he will call upon him, should he be near Brocdene again.

After the Reeve has spoken, Torwin asks him privately, "Do you know of any project of the King that requires financial backing or investment, in Edoras?"
As far as Fellowship Phase activities, I know we're not quite there, but I'm interested in (at some point) getting the King as a Patron, and in the meantime I'd like to spend enough Treasure to raise my standing to 2. I have 30 T, and I forget how much that costs. More importantly, I'm not sure, in character, what raising standing looks like. Where does the money get spent? I always imagined it was used to benefit the "non-adventuring" folk in some way, which makes a good name for the one spending the Treasure. It seems appropriate here that we'd be able to spend Treasure to raise Standing by doing something to support the King's efforts.

When they are dismissed, Torwin is unsure if he should return to Harrowdale. Thinking they may be needed again soon, after agreeing on a nice Inn to meet in later, he bids his companions farewell for a short time and leaves to visit Leofstan and Estlay, his aunt and uncle, as well as his sisters Sorrun and Sorwyn.

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Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:53 pm
by Wbweather
Okay, we can start the fellowship phase. Start thinking about what you want to do. This will be a long fellowship phase so you can take 2 undertakings. I will post a brief summary shortly.

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Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:08 am
by Wbweather
For now you are all released from the service of the king to go and tend to matters at home. Ealdulf requests that should the king have need of your services, each of you would renew your pledge to Thengel and return if called. You are free to stay in the capitol as long as you wish. Those who live away from Edoras are free to return home. You may take your horses with you. Those of you who have not tamed your horse may wish to spend a fellowship phase doing so. Early in the summer the wedding between Héalaf and Déora brings joy to the valley of Brocdene. All of you have been invited to the celebration. Summer comes to the Riddermark and bathes the endless grassy plains in golden sunshine. The rest of the year passes without any news from the king's reeve. Summer's long days grow shorter and autumn soon brings a change to the leaves. Winter too takes hold in its time. Life moves on and you begin to wonder if the king will ever call upon your service again.
Okay, post your fellowship phase undertakings, describe what you do during the summer fall and winter.

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Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:58 pm
by Blubbo_Baggins
My first Undertaking will be Gain Favour in the Golden Hall (Horse Lords, pg 22). Can you do a Song roll for me? Spend Hope on failure, and invoke Ominous Blessing on an Eye. The outcome of this roll will pretty much determine the direction I take the rest of my actions and XP spend...

Re: Chapter 2 - Dark of the Moon

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:45 pm
by Wbweather
Song (Torwin)
Success Die: 2,4,6t
Totaling: 12 with 1 success
with 1 Auto Success

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Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:58 pm
by Blubbo_Baggins
"Not at the moment," Eadulf the Reeve replies to Torwin. "But I will let you know if I hear of any such opportunities. For now, remain in Edoras and do not re-enter Hereward of Harrowdale's service."
With that Torwin thanked him and said he would return in a week.

When his sisters, and his aunt Estlay, heard that their brother/nephew had come to spend a season, they hugged him tightly. They had grown used to Torwin only showing up for short periods of time then leaving again to return to Harrowdale. Leofstan was grateful too, for over the summer at least the extra help would be much needed. Torwin did not mind working around the home and farm, he had no other family of course, and so the belonging he found was important. But working for his aunt and uncle meant he did not have to find other work, and had time to wait for the King's summons, no matter how long it took. Not that he needed to work; the treasure he had earned from the cave of the Horse-eater could last him years, if he wanted.

Over the following weeks, Torwin would return to Meduseld and briefly spoke with Eadulf when the Reeve was to be found, but always the answer was the same - no project was forthcoming. To Torwin, it felt more that he had been spurned, and now he began to wonder at the lack of summons from the King. In his heart he wondered if that was the end of his opportunity to earn favor in the King's court and if he had used the mearasgifu wisely. Perhaps it would have been better to sell it. But even now he held a princely sum of treasure, and it had not helped him, either.

Then out of nowhere one evening he received a message from the Reeve to appear at Meduseld for a feast. He donned his only fine outfit, recently tailored for him for such occasions - a tunic of white linen over black silken breeches, a belt of leather, and a black doublet with a silver embroidered pattern of overlapping lines. On the way, he looked for Hereweald and Istril, hoping that if they were free, the Doorwarden would let them in, as well.

At the feast Eadulf pointed out that in attendance was Éogar, Second Marshal of the Mark, along with other captains and lords of renown. "Éogar has heard of the deeds of your company at the Brocdene and even your effort to save those taken into Nan Curunir. He did not show particular interest in speaking with you, for in your company are not the only men and women of Rohan who perform praiseworthy deeds. But I have learned," continued the Reeve, "that Éogar has been tasked by the King to take on the repairs of the dikes at the Fords of Isen. It is not yet clear who is to pay for it, for it is a delicate matter. If perhaps you can get the Marshal's attention and ear, you may have a chance to offer your support."

The events of that evening went far better than Torwin had hoped. While enjoying the feast he quietly observed proceedings, looking for for an opportunity to get Éogar's attention. When many had eaten their fill but the ale casks were yet half full, a song was called for, and not one they had all heard before, and so Torwin saw his chance. Without hesistation he stood and sang.

He sang of the troubles of the Westfold, the incursions of Dunlendings, of Orcs, and of Wargs. He sang of his company's experiences, exploits, failures and victories; of their defeat of the Horse-eater, their rescue of the folk of Déoric, and their fruitless pursuit of the captives to the West. He ended with a call to all riders to restore the strength of the Westfold, and of Rohan.

A merrier song might have been more appropriate for the mood of that crowd, but that was not Torwin's style. Besides, he knew Éogar had a reputation for being fierce and a hard man (how could it be otherwise, having survived as Marshal through Fengel's reign?), and so he picked an old battle tune, making up the words as he went along.
Undertaking #1: Gain Favour in the Golden Hall
His song was far more effective than he hoped, and late that evening Éogar approached him. While a servant filled their goblets the Marshal thanked him for his song. "I have also heard of you from well-respected farmers in my lands, Léofold and Merwyn. Normally, I am little impressed by songs. They are good to rally men before a battle, but little have I known them to win my favor. But before you entered Meduseld I knew the deeds of you and your companions to be true, and so your song caught my attention. So then lad, tell me news out of the far West." And so the two of them talked, and in time Torwin turned the conversation to the Fords, and learning of the project given by the King, offered his support.

"We were there to stop an evil, and by chance were fortuitous to discover horde of the Horse-eater. As it had been taken from the folk of Rohan, so I believe it should go back to serve their good." By these words Éogar was further impressed by Torwin, and accepted his offer.
Raise Standing. If I remember right, Standing of 1 costs 6 T, and Standing of 2 costs 12T, so I'd like to spend 18T to raise Standing to 2.
In the late days of summer Éogar sent one of his captains, Guthred, to collect the gold. To Torwin's surprise Guthred had brought a gift from the Marshal. "This helm is to recognize the ways you have served the Westfold already, and in token of your support for the Marshal's project. You still have the favor of my lord, so should you need his aid, find me here in Edoras, and I will send word to him."
Spend 4 XP to raise Valour to 2. Gain Horse-tailed Helm.
I'll write up the 2nd (and or 3rd?) Undertakings later.

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Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 4:18 am
by Othniel
Okay, first two undertakings, Istril will try to befriend her horse using Inspire. She speaks in the Sindarin tongue that she learned back in Gondor and speaks to Wynmeira of the fields and plains they can traverse and the sweet sea air of the south. Depending on how well it goes, I'll write up a blurb.