Converting the L5R setting to the FFG Lord of the Ring LCG co-op style game.
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The timeline of the game is a rather important aspect of the game. I want to set this during the Scorpion Clan Coup, so this is the earliest of the official timelines that was made. They first published the Clan Wars stuff which happened to be the fall out of the Scorpion Clan Coup but quickly put out the SCC stuff not long after. Unlike many prequels this was just as amazing as the original. We start 1122 or 1123 depending on my thoughts.

The following are the most notable events of the twelfth century:

1111 - Hantei Hochiahime is kidnapped by Bloodspeakers.
1113 - Bayushi Shoju marries Shosuro Kachiko.
1120 - Kitsuki Kaagi disappears.
1122 - The Opium War in Ryoko Owari Toshi.
1124 - The Naga begin to awaken.
1130 - Toturi I is kidnapped.
- The Scorpion Clan is banished to the Burning Sands.
1132 - Toturi I is rescued from Morikage Toshi; Toturi I issues the Three Edicts.
- The Scorpion Clan returns from exile, bringing Shinjo with them.
- Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness
1134 - Spirits from Oblivion's Gate begin to populate Rokugan.
1135 - Gift of the Naga given to the Unicorn Clan as they re-enter their slumber.
1144 - Haru's forge is supplied with materials from Scorpion, Mantis, and Unicorn caravans.
1145 - Morito's claim to the former Phoenix Clan lands is validated by Toturi I.
1150 - Beiden Pass is destroyed, and Seikitsu Pass is reopened.
1159 - Akodo Kaneka declares himself Shogun.
1199 - P'an Ku's madness provokes a large riot in the Second City.
Assumptions of titles
1102 - Yasuki Taka becomes Yasuki Daimyo.
1103 - Hantei XXXVIII becomes Emperor of Rokugan.
1106 - Isawa Tsuke becomes Master of Fire.
1113 - Shiba Ujimitsu becomes Phoenix Clan Champion.
-Mirumoto Sukune becomes Acting Mirumoto Daimyo
1117 - Yoritomo becomes Mantis Clan Champion.
1118 - Ichiro Chuga becomes Badger Clan Champion
-Yotsu Ureiko becomes Yotsu Daimyo.
1119 - Isawa Tadaka becomes Master of Earth.
1120 - Akodo Toturi becomes Lion Clan Champion.
1123 - Hantei XXXIX becomes Emperor of Rokugan.
-Isawa Uona becomes Master of Air.
-Matsu Tsuko becomes Lion Clan Champion.
-Doji Hoturi becomes Crane Clan Champion.
1124 - Isawa Kaede becomes Master of Void.
1128 - Doji Kuwanan becomes Crane Clan Champion.
-Hitomi becomes Dragon Clan Champion.
-Togashi Hoshi becomes Togashi Daimyo.
-Isawa Taeruko becomes Master of Earth.
-Shiba Tsukune becomes Phoenix Clan Champion.
1129 - Toturi I becomes Emperor of Rokugan.
Agasha Gennai becomes Master of Air.
1132 - Moto Gaheris becomes Unicorn Clan Champion.
-Shinjo Shono becomes Shinjo Daimyo.
-Hoshi becomes Dragon Clan Champion.
-Bayushi Yojiro becomes Scorpion Clan Champion.
1133 - Shiba Ningen becomes Master of Void.
-Yoritomo Aramasu becomes Mantis Clan Champion.
1140 - Asako Toshi becomes Asako Daimyo.
1147 - Doji Kurohito becomes Crane Clan Champion.
1155 - Matsu Nimuro becomes Lion Clan Champion.
1157 - Isawa Nakamuro becomes Master of Air.
1158 - Toturi Kaede begins her regency, then disappears.
1159 - Hida Kuroda becomes Crab Clan Champion.
-Bayushi Kaukatsu becomes Imperial Chancellor.
-Moto Chagatai becomes Unicorn Clan Khan.
-Hida Kuon becomes Crab Clan Champion.
-Doji Akiko becomes Master of Water.
-Shiba Mirabu becomes Phoenix Clan Champion.
-Yoritomo Kitao becomes Mantis Clan Champion.
-Isawa Ochiai becomes Master of Fire.
-Toturi Tsudao proclaims herself Empress of Rokugan.
1160 - Toturi Naseru becomes Emperor of Rokugan.
1161 - Yoritomo Kumiko becomes Mantis Clan Champion.
1166 - Ikoma Otemi becomes Lion Clan Champion.
1167 - Doji Domotai becomes Crane Clan Champion.
-Yoritomo Naizen becomes Mantis Clan Champion.
1168 - Toturi Kurako becomes regent of Rokugan.
-Matsu Yoshino becomes Lion Clan Champion.
1169 - Shiba Tsukimi reveals herself as Phoenix Clan Champion.
1170 - Akodo Shigetoshi becomes Lion Clan Champion.
-Moto Chen becomes Unicorn Clan Khan.
-Kitsuki Iweko is chosen as Empress of Rokugan by the Heavens.
1171 - Hida Reiha becomes regent Crab Clan Champion.
1181 - Tsi Soshu becomes the Oriole Clan Champion.
1200 - Heichi Tochiko becomes the Boar Clan Champion.
1118 - Topaz Championship.
1131 - Kitsu Okura wins the Jade Championship.
1152 - Moto Najmudin wins the Topaz Championship.
1156 - A shugenja wins the Topaz Championship.
1158 - Yasuki Hachi wins the Emerald Championship.
-Asahina Sekawa wins the Jade Championship.
1165 - Doji Domotai wins the Topaz Championship.
1166 - Moshi Kiyomori wins the Topaz Championship.
1167 - Horiuchi Wakiza wins the Topaz Championship.
1168 - Hida Fumetsu wins the Topaz Championship.
1169 - Shosuro Jimen wins the Emerald Championship.
-Kuni Daigo wins the Jade Championship.
1170 - Shinjo T'sao wins the Topaz Championship.
Founding of clans and families
1109 - The Wasp Clan is founded.
1111 - The Yotsu family is founded.
1115 - The Horiuchi family is founded.
1118 - The Damasu family is destroyed.
-The Goseki family is destroyed.
1121 - The Three Man Alliance formed.
1123 - The Hare Clan is disbanded by Imperial Edict.
-The Scorpion Clan is disbanded by Imperial Edict.
-The Akodo family is disbanded by Imperial Edict.
-The Koebi family is destroyed by a monsoon.
1125 - The Hare Clan is restored.
-The Falcon Clan joins the Crab Clan as the Toritaka family.
1127 - The Centipede Clan conditionally joins the Mantis Clan as the Moshi family.
1128 - The Mantis Clan is recognized as a Great Clan.
-The Yoritomo family is founded.
-The Wasp Clan joins the Mantis Clan as the Tsuruchi family.
-The Izaku family is founded.
-The Scorpion Clan is restored.
1129 - The Togashi family is banished by Hitomi.
-The Monkey Clan is founded.
-The Fuzake family is founded.
1130 - The Scorpion Clan is banished to the Burning Sands.
1131 - The majority of the Agasha family defect to the Phoenix Clan.
1132 - The Ujina family is founded.
-The Scorpion Clan returned from the exile and is restored as Great Clan.
-The Aotora family is founded.
-The Rokugo family is founded.
-The Kochako family is founded.
1133 - The Akodo family is restored.
-Otaku family changes their name to the Utaku family.
1137 - Yoritomo's Alliance breaks apart.
1145 - The Kenshin family is founded.
1150 - The Tamori family is founded, and the Dragon Clan abandon the Agasha name entirely.
1158 - the Ox Clan is founded.
-The Morito family is founded.
1159 - The Kaeru family becomes vassals to the Ikoma family.
-The Chuda family is restored. It is not recognized by the Empire.
1165 - The Bat Clan is founded alongside its Komori family.
-The Toku family is founded.
1168 - The Yotsu family becomes vassals to the Seppun family.
-The ronin Tsi family is elevated to Minor Clan, the Oriole Clan.
1169 - The Hitomi family and Hoshi family are merged in the Togashi family.
-The Kokujin family is defunct after the dead of its founder Kokujin.
-The Fox Clan joins the Mantis Clan as the Kitsune family.
1171 - The Horiuchi family is put to the torch by the Empire.
1173 - The Spider Clan is recognized as a Great Clan.
-The Daigotsu, Ninube, and Goju families are recognized by the Empire.
-The Susumu family is founded.
1200 - The extinct Boar Clan is restored.
Magic and Religion
1120 - Asako Oyo escapes from the care of the Asako Henshin.
1123 - An eta child becomes the Oracle of Fire.
1127 - Creation of the Elemental Terrors.
The Council of Five opens the Black Scrolls in their possession.
1129 - The New Tao is compiled by Isawa Osugi.
1132 - Isawa Kaede is revealed as the Oracle of Void.
-Half of the Tao of Shinsei is erased by the Lying Darkness.
1149 - Asako Sagoten creates the Children of the Last Wish.
1158 - Naka Tokei returns to Ningen-do.
-Shiba Tsukune becomes the fortune of Rebirth.
-Yasuki Nokatsu becomes the Dark Oracle of Earth.
1159 - The Unicorn Clan begins worship of the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang.
-Tonbo Toryu becomes the Dark Oracle of Void.
-Omen becomes the first Oracle of Jade.
-Tamori Chosai becomes the Dark Oracle of Fire and is banished from Rokugan.
1166 - Toku becomes fortune of Virtue.
Military history
1126 - The Crab Clan allies with the Shadowlands.
1151 - Daigotsu allies with the Tsuno.
1158 - The Kitsu Tombs are destroyed in a Tsuno raid.
-Six towers of the Kaiu Wall fall to Shadowlands forces. Five are later retaken.
1113 - Battle of Ice and Snow
1118 - Toshi Ranbo is seized by the Tsume family.
1120 - The Lion Clan fails in its attempt to retake Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho.
1123 - The Siege of Shiro Usagi
1123 - The Scorpion Coup
1124 - Battle on the Plains of Gaiju Shindai
-Battle of the Forgotten Tide
1127 - Battle of Beiden Pass
1128 - The Crab Clan invades Otosan Uchi.
-Battle of Bloodied Honor
-Battle of Blackened Ground
-Battle at Benten Seido
-Battle of Sokustel Forest
-Second Day of Thunder
1130 - 1132 - Siege of Kyuden Hiruma
1131 - Siege of Sleeping Mountain
1132 - Storms over Matsu Palace
-Crane Civil War
1132 - 1133 - Mantis Invasion of Phoenix Clan lands.
1133 - Battle of Oblivion's Gate
1136 - Battle of Firefly River
1138 - 1150 - War of Spirits
1158 - 1160 - Second Yasuki War
1158 - 1161 - Dragon-Phoenix War
1159 - Heaven and Earth
1159 - 1161 - Mantis Civil War
1169 - 1170 - Third Yasuki War
1170 - 1171 - War of Dark Fire
1172 - Plague War
Military training
1116 - The Sword of Yotsu otokodate is formed.
1152 - Kaneka trains with Otoya. He then joins the Hidden Storm which is subsequently destroyed by the Forest Killers.
1153 - Kaneka meets Fusami at Kaeru Toshi who beats him in a duel.
1153 - Bayushi Hisa becomes the first sensei of Honor's Lesson Dojo.
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